Sunday, June 27, 2010

growing up

lonelier and emptier than ever...
and bored...
time to grow...

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Poll: How many liters of fuel do you use a month?

Poll: How many liters of fuel do you use a month?

Comment on this. Let yourself be heard by the goverment.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy chinese new year and valentines!

Here comes the tiger roaring past year 2009 into the year 2010! To all i wish a very happy and prosperous chinese new year! And health is wealth so don't eat too much!!! Therefore i wish all great health too! I wonder how everyone else has spent their holidays. My family's chinese new year is much of a routine because we do the same thing every year, but others would call it tradition, and it's important to keep tradition says granny and pops! Btw, i've been taking alot more pictures for this years CNY so i've uploaded some.

Red lanterns around sure lifts up the new year spirit!

First chinese new year for this lil guy! Nice suit!Granny! Remember that tradition is important!
This is one of the rare shots of me! 200 pics and i'm in only 12, great....

and last but not least, pops!

Btw, this year new year was a tad more special; it coincided with valentines day. Many lovey dovey couples would fret i bet, having to be separated to each return to their respective hometowns on such a special day. Married couples however would be looking on the brigther side of this rare occasion i presume. Check out these love birds below, they're simply inseparable! Everytime we take them apart for a shot, they keep flying back to each other. I guess even these birds got caught in the valentine mood.

You see what i'm trying to tell you? even they're cuddling up!
They need to get a room.... ;p coughs*

For those of you who is familiar with the town of Ipoh, i'm sure you know just how scorching hot this little town can get. Ipoh mind you is probably around 2-3 degrees hotter than it is here in Selangor or Kl on any average day. so the only solution to this problem was to get to cameron highlands. it's actually pretty quick if you'd like to get from ipoh to cameron highlands using the simpang pulai roads. the cold and fresh air in camerons was truly a blessing and the sights were really soothing!

Oh yea, i forgot to mention that KAr Fai and wai yi came to visit. We played a pretty interesting game however the contents of the game would be a secret shared only between the 3 of us! :)
I aimed the flash in the wrong direction... :( And i jumped way to early!!!!!
check the cards! we played a great game...I'm not lying! Kar Fai's face says it all.....

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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

moving on

I've always known that it wasn't meant to be for me. I've always known you had someone else.
All i was waiting for is an answer. And now that i've been given the answer, i can finally move on. I'm not hurt but rather, relieved. Whatever i had, it's been left hanging for too long with nothing to nurture it and it has become a burden. Now that I feel as if the burden has lifted itself off my shoulder it has allowed me to heal and grow. And once i'm fully recovered, i'll find and start a whole new adventure! :)


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Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy new year 2010!!!!

happy new year to everyone! Stay healthy everyone and stay happy. Every day is a blessing so cherish it!
If you have a new year's resolution, try to make sure you keep to it.

and thank you to all those who rememberred, or tried to remember my birthday and i'd like to thank everyone for all the well wishes!

take care everyone! see you guys soon!!! =)

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transient state

I'm confused and slightly lost. I feel that i need you. Not a day pass without you running through my head. I feel like i need to see you everyday, to hear your voice or just to have your name pop up on my phone. Even little things like that brings a smile to my face.

damn you!

you've become an addiction, my addiction.
an addiction i cannot live without! =)

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Back to Uni!

Woo....!!!! my long awaited exam results are finally out. I finally pulled my cgpa above 3.50! Bad thing is my classes resumes next monday which sucks! It's so soon!
too soon!

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Monday, November 09, 2009

Ampang lookout point

I'm having my holidays now. It's pretty short, a mere 3 weeks but it's great to have it anyways. I haven't been much of anywhere for a long time now, so dad decided to go somewhere. He've never heard of this place till i mentioned it to him a few days back. Since it was a Sunday night, we decided to be more adventurous and go explore.

To start with, we had a tough time finding the place as the GPS we were using kept bringing us to all the small winding roads and we were starting to feel lost. Persistance paid off and we've got to learn to trust the GPS sometimes regardless of which route it takes us through. It was a pretty long drive, probably around 30 minutes from home to get there. Traffic is heavy as always in Ampang (Yong Tau Foo heaven).

Not to far from my favourite yong Tau Foo restaurant in Ampang, i've reached to foot of the hill. The drive up wasn't exactly spectacular because it really was hard to drive as there was only natural lighting. No roadlights at on the entire stretch uphill. You couldn't see a thing but as you continue to ascend, things start to look different. Midway up, you'll see the most spectacular view of KL. Its a plateau which lets you overlook the entire city. Since there are no roadlights or other light sources around, you get the purest view which no light pollution. I would definitely stop at the plateau the next time I'm there and i'll make sure i'll have an DSLR with me. Trust me, you wouldn't want to miss capturing a shot like that.

Perhaps another 3 minutes drive up from the plateau is the peak of the hill. That is where all the restaurants are located at. There are about 4 or 5 restaurants there which serves all trends of food.
We had ours at the Lookout Point Restaurant which serves both eastern and western cuisines. Food is rather good but not outstanding, but the price is much affordable. I really liked the tea selections they had. They serve good tea there, peach tea to be precise.
Next to it is Bread & Olive which serves mediterranean fusion cusines. There wasn't much people there but it is the best looking cafes in the area. The layout of the restaurant oozes with ambient atmosphere which accentuates the view of the KL from uphill.
The third restaurant is Haven. I have absolutely no idea what they serve but i see alot of middle eastern tourist having their meals there. And alot of them were smoking Shishas.
Here are some shots i took with my Canon Ixus860IS. It isn't the best camera to take night shots i would say, but it sure beats not having one to take with. The noise levels in some of the pictures are quite high and some are blurry due to my shaky hands so do pardon it.

Me and Mom.
Dad and Mom.

So it was a Sunday night well spent. It was better than sitting at home watching TV to see Manchester United lose to Chelsea (LOL!!!). So as we were driving back along Jalan Ampang, you'll reach a point where you feel nearest to KLCC without having to strain your neck for trying to see the entire building. I used a slow shutter speed to take the picture below so it would seem as though the entire building was illuminated but the bottom part is a little blurry. ;p FAIL!We reached home at around 11.30 only to realise we've forgotten to feed Nicky! I guess that's why he didn't seem too excited when i took a picture of him. Sorry baby fatso! =p

Till the next time! Ciowz!

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